From an early age, Leticia started making up stories.  Some of them she put into song, but some she told in other media.  In second grade she was already using video cameras for school projects and short films to share with her parents and friends.  She became interested in theater in middle school and wrote and acted in many plays.  For years she mainly focused on work behind the lens, working on pilots and music videos, whether it be writing, styling or producing.  She was very hands-on in the production of the very first original series on HowardTV for InDemand, Comedy Wondertown for Comedy Central and others.  As an actress she’s done short films, commercials, hosting, music videos, reality television and sketch comedy.

Currently, her schedule doesn’t allow long-term acting commitments, but she is interested and available for voice-over work, videos, shorts, hosting and other short-term engagements.