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Three Editorial Pieces for The Dead Deads Blog

Two Girls One Flub

I’m a fan of writer Kory Grow, and I think he’s an important part of a scene I hold dear, but when I read his interview with Lzzy Hale and Taylor Momsen I was having to take deep breaths and tell myself everything was going to be okay.  I think its fantastic that there are two women dominating the rock charts.  However, I look forward to the day when journalists can write articles about them without resorting to pressing for stories of road antics, fan drama, and catfights.

There are many more noteworthy things about these two females besides “what happens on the road stays on the road.”  What about the fact that they are fronting two of the only huge rock acts not running tracks at their live shows, meaning, they are bringing the rock, raw and righteous, with no safety net, no extra padding and no frills.  “What’s played at the show is what’s heard at the show.”  What’s that like?  Why do they make that choice?  That’s just an example of stuff true rock fans might actually like to read about.

I loved seeing the feature.  I thought it was cool to interview these two chart-toppers in one article, but instead of getting great insight into the minds of two successful rockstars, I got a two girls at one time Maxim-ish read that left me kinda nauseated.  Oh god, and the highlighted quotes.  I’ve played shows with both these bands.  I KNOW those aren’t the brightest things they said.  Eeek.

Wanna see what a rockstar looks like?

I assume their tour photographer Rob took this pic.  I just saw it online and smiled.  Two girls playing rock ‘n’ roll because its what the fuck they wanna do. No safety nets, no pandering.  I like that.  I like that a lot.


“Being Human”

Even though I don’t remember it, I know I was born.  I’ve seen photos of my mom holding her infant.  I was her first child; a big giant fat baby girl that waited 10 months to be born.  Immediately she started teaching me how to be human.  As I started to live days that would become my first memories, I already had ideas about “how” to live.  I remember a rainy afternoon when I was seven or eight years old.  I was wading reverently in the grassy puddles of my front yard with my umbrella and galoshes.  As I used sticks and rocks to control the flow of the water, I quietly developed my first versions of a philosophy:  People should be nice.  No one is more special than anyone else.  Nature is older than people.  I have powers.  My family loves me.

From birth we are exposed to situations that form our stories.  As we go through life we get new information and we modify our stories, but they are always just stories we create for ourselves.  These stories become our philosophy and that informs our choices and ultimately directs our path.

My heart breaks when I come in contact with so many wonderful people that are living their lives based on stories that simply aren’t true.  I know to some personal development buffs the idea of “stories we tell ourselves” may sound cliche, but the fact is, people aren’t living the fullest they could and the world is a poorer place for it.

For those with lots of false stories the world feels scary, hopeless, or devoid of kindness.  Relationships seem destined for failure, or they never start at all.  Jobs aren’t satisfying, but its too scary to leave them.  The same for lovers.  False stories make us feel worthless.  What do we have to offer?  We compare ourselves to others doing better.  Why are we even alive?  We feel this way because somewhere along the way, someone treated us in a way that caused us to write a fact down on our hearts:  I am not good enough.

Being human is about knowing you are flawed and moving past that.  It’s learning through trial, through fire, through fuck-ups, failures and frustration that over time, rejection, abandonment, judgement–these things are surface.  They are superficial scrapes on an ever-evolving exterior.  They aren’t a sign that we aren’t good enough.  They are a reminder that we live here on this planet with all these other weird humans and we are all just trying to figure it out.  Some of us have gotten further than others.  That creates friction.  But we, WE have the power to name ourselves.  To say who we are and where we are on this path to ending fear.

Be brave, #deapcorps friends.  Our lives are like maps we create for many different dream trips we want to take.  We don’t know exactly which way we will go and when, but we certainly won’t go anywhere we haven’t even pinned on our map.  So pin away!  What do you want?  A better job?  More free time?  A more intimate relationship?  More money?  More success?  To be more skilled at something you love?  To be known for your talents?  To simply love yourself?  Put these things on your mental map.  Look at that map.  That’s where you’ll go one day.  You are worth the trip!
What are some possible false stories you’ve told yourself?  I’d love to hear them and help you debunk them.  Send me a note on twitter! (@tishimon) It’s time to write a new story that makes you smile.

Bratz are beautiful too…


I saw a viral video this morning on my facebook page about this wonderful woman who finds broken discarded dolls and gives them new life.  I loved the story and was moved by the videos of the little girls playing with the more natural appearing dolls.  However, as much as I enjoyed the piece, something about it brought a few tears to my eyes, and it wasn’t because I’m sad that little girls’ dolls look so sexy.  I don’t dislike Bratz dolls, in fact,  I think I kinda look like one sometimes depending on my get-up.   Although I agree that this should not be the only representation of beauty that little girls are exposed to, I felt a slight discomfort stir as I watched the piece about the doll make-unders.

As a band full of ladies, we get asked lots of questions about our experiences being women in a “male-dominated” industry, but we tend to shake them off. The music industry is challenging for everyone and presents different obstacles to any individual relative to their skill-set, ambition, and resources, regardless of their sex.  One thing we do always tend to be resolute about is that rock and roll is innately sexy and we don’t have to pile extra sex on top of it to sell records.  We are dolls, but we aren’t the pussycat dolls.   That’s us.  I’d say on a scale of “homely” to “whore-ish” we fall dead (dead) in the center.  That’s not to say we are better or worse than a band that chooses to perform with less clothes and more innuendo.   It’s too bad the industry tends to demonize both when sizing up female musicians.

Something about looking at these two dolls’ faces made me sad.  I don’t like how the doll on the left seems bad and the doll on the right seems good or better.  Neither are better.  They are two different ways that women can choose to present themselves.  Both are powerful.  Both are beautiful.  I think its great to show little girls all different ideas of beauty, but vilifying ultra sexiness is just as harmful as not representing perceived wholesomeness.  I want little girls to know that all women have power and are in this thing together, no matter how they choose to look or carry themselves.  We are all rockstars.  We are all sexy. More importantly than that, we are all here to love and support each other, never judging each other or comparing ourselves to one another, but cheering each other on for getting out there and making our art!

So to all my ladies out there, whether you are a Barbie, a ragdoll or a sexy little Brat, The Dead Deads just wanna say that we love ALL of our sisters and are proud to be an ALL GIRL ROCK band, even if we’d prefer you just call us a band.


Technical Writing for Advanced Color Application for Pure Hair Heaven Blog

Chanel Bob Re-imagined

Chanel Bob Re-Imagined

Beginning Level:  Natural Level 2 with dyed brown mid-shaft and ends.

1. Pre-treat with Pre-Art and a Redken Chemistry Shot of Extreme

2. Divide the hair directly down the center in two equal halves from between the eyebrows to the nape.

3. Pre-lighten the left side with 20 vol on zone 1 and 30 vol on zones two and three.  Process to an even tone of lightness.  I stopped at level 8.

4. Shampoo and treat with Strength Builder Plus.  Flash Dry.

5. Re-section hair down the middle again.

6. Apply Formula One to the entire un-lightened side.  Formula One: 1Ab and 10 volume Chromatics Developer.

7. Mix Formula Two and Three.  Formula Two:  5Vv 0.9oz and 1Ab 0.1 oz with 20 volume Chromatics Developer.

Formula Three:  0.2 oz 1Ab and 0.8 oz Chromatics Clear with 10 volume Chromatics Developer.

8. Apply Formulas Two and Three in alternating one inch vertical panels from the back of the head to the front hairline excluding the bangs.

9. Foil one vertical chunk of each formula in the lightened side of the bangs.

10. Shampoo with Cleansing Cream.

11. Flash dry and tone entire head with Shades EQ.  EQ Formula: One cap 01B, 1 oz 000, and 0.5 oz Blue Kicker with Processing Solution.

12. Rinse color and finish with Color Extend and Extreme Chemistry Shot.

13. For this look, I finished the hair using Redken Spray Starch, and the Sam Villa Texture iron on the lengths and Redken Glass on the Bangs.



Brand Development-Vinyl Salon

Vinyl Salon Complete Ground-floor Branding including Copy, Photography Design, Salon Design, Website Development and Advertising Strategy.

vinyl-referral-card 2014 Referral card

Vinyl Salon Website


There are a lot of salons to choose from.

We want to offer more.

More than just the perfect look, more than just a friendly chat, more than just a glass of wine, more than just a few great additional services. Our goal is the elation of each guest to the studio. We offer simple, classic luxury. Awesome drinks, your choice of tunes, the best products in town, hair services performed by a well-travelled, extensively trained professional, and a relaxing, cool and comfortable environment to enjoy all of that in. Vinyl.

Think you’ve seen it all? We’ll spin you right ‘round.

Every detail from the hand-blended virgin or not-so-virgin cocktails to the vintage fabric bags which are hand-sewn to house the color smocks has been created to reflect the quality of a time gone by. Named after the most sacred of vehicles of music, the vinyl record, Vinyl represents timeless quality and attention to detail, with a smart and playful modern edge. 




Salon Yaya Rebrand as “Affordable Luxury” 

New Logo, Website, Photography and Copy

52007_10152179270305393_858562590_o 247838_10152179269615393_1539459300_n 1267722_10153242372840393_226980004_o 1272315_10153242372845393_1637710332_o



Bio Blurb for Sheep Shifter

Some hear Jesus Lizard, some hear Blood Brothers, but if you stand too close, you won’t hear anything afterwards. Sheep Shifter delivers tight rhythmic guitars, and bombastic yet driving drum and bass rippage, all while the lead-singer attempts to destroy all gear and band members between feverish vocal outbursts.

New Show Preview for Cole Dumas

Cole Dumas has long been a fixture in the Nashville music scene.  He is best known for his progressive string arrangements fusing electronics with classic movements to create soundscapes that recall theatrical and experimental greats while challenging the genres with synth and dance beats.  His newest project simply called “Cole,” will inspire audiences with its originality, dancability, and often suspenseful story-lines.  Part string symphony, part EDM dance party, part off-broadway musical, and somehow completely modern, this show is fantastic.


Script Writing for comedic internet video content for Fierce Salon and Spa

How to Break Up With Your Hairdresser

Tish:  Hi.  I’m Leticia Wolf, creative director of Fierce Salon and Spa in midtown Nashville.  This is my good friend and fellow stylist, Aaron Armistead.  Thanks for checking out another informative video, brought to you by your friends at Fierce.

Aaron:  Today we are going to tackle a very touchy subject:  how to break up with your hairdresser.

Tish:  That’s right, Aaron.  Who hasn’t been in THIS situation?  You finally bought a groupon, or took a friends advice and went to see a stylist at Fierce Salon and Spa.  Now your hair looks the best it ever has, and you are faced with only ONE problem–how do I tell my current stylist that I’m going with someone new?

Aaron:  For some people, its as easy as not re-booking.  Just….disappear.  Your old hairdresser probably won’t even notice you’ve gone.   It seems they barely notice when you’re THERE!

Tish:  On the other hand, some people have a very personal relationship with their stylist, and its very hard to imagine just disappearing.  They know about your kids, your pain in the neck boss, and your IBS.  How do you tell them that you cheated and you liked it?!

Aaron:  That’s right, Leticia.  It’s hard to think of a way that WOULDN’T be awkward.  As a public service, Leticia and I have compiled the following list of tips, to help you make a guilt-free leap to a new relationship with a stylist that truly cares and listens.

Tish:  Tip Number One:  Be honest.  Telling your hairdresser that you’re leaving the country, or that you’ve decided not to cut your hair for a while, will only lead to even greater embarrassment if they see you out with your outstanding new ‘do.  They will think, “I KNOW she isn’t doing that gorgeous color at home.  CHEATER!”

Aaron:  Tip Number Two:  Realize that your stylist is a person that you HIRED.  If they are not doing the job correctly, it only makes sense to find someone who will.  You wouldn’t let someone keep mowing your lawn if they left patches un-mowed every time!  Or maybe you would.  I don’t know…maybe you are really really nice. 

Tish:  Tip Number Three:  Send a note:  If you feel that you must tell your stylist that you are leaving them, but you can’t picture yourself telling them in person, a nice thank-you note is always a tasteful way to say, “I’m moving along.”  It will remind them that their lack of attention to the details has cost them a client, and in the end it may be the wake-up call that they need to get their customer service back in line.

Aaron:  Tip Number Four:  Take the Dramatic approach:  The day you get your hair done at Fierce, march that gorgeous ‘do right over to your old salon, kick open the doors with your Fierce airbrush pedicured foot, swish your “to-die-for” mane like you are in a pantene commercial, and scream at the top of your lungs, “I just got my hair done at Fierce Salon and damn it, I LOVE IT!!”  That should get the point across.

(canned applause) (run a transition)

Tish:  In all seriousness, stylists should cater to YOU.  Without you, there is no paycheck.  There is no job.  There is no salon.  Do not EVER feel intimidated by your stylist.  Do not accept abusive treatment, long wait times, or dismissive consultations. No matter how talented, a truly exceptional stylist is one that doesn’t let success effect their devotion to their clients’ individual needs.   If you are not happy, say so.  If they do not fix the problem, feel guilt-free to move on. 

(run a transition)

Clip of Aaron reacting to a break-up letter from a client.

Tish:  Aaron, that’s not shelly your client, that’s an actual break-up letter from your girlfriend, SHELLY.

Aaron:  oh, thank god.  I thought I was loosing my touch.


Weekly Column “The Scene Queen” for The Pulse 2006-2008





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