I’m a writer first and foremost.  Whether its songs, stories, musicals, articles, television episodes, or novels…I really love it all.  Just let me write–preferably for money or sheer joy. Most recently I was lucky enough to get to write all the songs for an absolutely incredible show called The Barbarian and the Troll for Mike Mitchell that will premiere on Nickelodeon in April! I was also very proud of the lyrics for the totally tubular reboot of one of my favorite comic franchises–Nickelodeon’s Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  Another fun one was penning the lyrics for Honda Goldwing’s anniversary celebration video, because my husband and I wrote that together via phone while I was on tour.  Outside of music, I’m currently developing some lady-power children’s television, and a Nashville-centric musical.

I’ve written for tons of scene rags over the years as a music critic, show critic, pop philosopher and so on.  I’ve done copy-writing such as bios and branding for bands in development.  I’ve written service menus for restaurants, handbooks for businesses and business proposals for creative hopefuls.  If you find yourself in need of these services, you may email me directly at tish@cakeinspace.com for a consultation or list of references.

You can also check-out some of my musings on The Dead Dead’s tumblr where I am a regular contributor.  I write there under the name Meta Dead.